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"How do I.....?"



Its a common question we are asked.


You might not need a full days training in Outlook
just a recommended solution to an Outlook problem or the answer
to the specific question you have at the moment.


Classroom training can be time consuming, expensive and
may require booking weeks ahead.


Classroom learning often does not provide one-on-one tuition
and usually the trainer has no experience with real-world solutions
 - just the training material they are using.


Book a coaching appointment with an Outlook Expert to get the answers you need.


We can organize 30 minute blocks of time to talk with you by phone. Often it is best for you to email your problem in advance to save time during the phone call.


If you are not satisfied with our coaching we can offer a 50% refund of your upfront payment.


bullet Remote Assistance
bulletLet us work with you on your own desktop. We speak with you on the phone and control your mouse while demonstrating Outlook techniques,  VBA macros etc to you in real time
bulletThis latest technology makes understanding and learning easy

Establish a relationship with one of our consultants and have your own personal dedicated Outlook coach. Someone you can contact during that crucial phase when you really need an Outlook problem solved. An Outlook coach can provide assistance, training, advice, or troubleshooting - someone who you feel comfortable asking for help.


bulletSend us a quote request by simply visiting our Quote page and mention your desire for coaching


We can help !


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