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Our philosophy is our difference...


We take the time to get to know your systems up front - all at no cost to you


We find that we are able to provide smarter business solutions by spending time analyzing your business process, understanding your requirements, and discussing what you need - all before our rates begin.


After we complete a project, our clients come back for more - because we not only know and understand their systems, but feel we are part of their team (see Testimonials)


We are pleased to offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on our consulting services.


That's our difference...


After your quote request, what to expect from Outlook Expert?


Our friendly, but non-technical, reception staff will request further information (if required) before assigning your request to the appropriate consultant who matches your needs


Your consultant will provide you with an initial quote and / or ask a few more questions to help us plan and finalize your solution


We communicate with you by either email or telephone, wherever you are in the world


Your specific project details and a fixed quote cost are documented and agreed
We will never exceed our quote for a documented and agreed schedule of work


Solutions are preferably developed in stages so you can be assured that the solution is on track to meet your needs


Extra features or enhancements can be organized during the project


We test our solutions extensively - however, it is preferential to have our clients perform the final testing to ensure complete satisfaction


Payment is required at the agreed completion of each stage. Payment by check for US clients is preferred and credit card payments are available for clients from all other countries.


We can help !


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